finding forever

Dot, our current foster kitten, has found her forever home.

With us.


She and Shadow don’t have the deep love that he had with his Buddy but they do enjoy playing with each other. Shadow is a content cat. Our house feels right with this whacky girl and her quirks.

She came to us in need of socialization. She was very unhappy in the shelter and made her unhappiness known vocally. She’s still quite talkative while playing and no longer cries with sadness.

Shadow looking over his shoulder toward the camera while Dot plays with packing paper

Welcome home Dot! You fit in well here. Even if you did steal some of my yarn.

Dot napping next to cones of yarn near knitting machine.

We’ll take care of the formal paperwork tomorrow. Her instagram is @iamdotthecat.

Want to help support kittens like Dot? Learn how to become a foster family with your local rescue organization. Donations to our Humane Society of Westchester are always welcome.

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  1. I’m so happy !!

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