how does my garden grow?

After this week’s rain, I’m sure it will grow even more! While peony season is now a distant memory the rest of the garden is waking up. It is growing and changing day by day.

fruit & vegetables

We have a few blueberries and currants! Maybe they will ripen and we will enjoy them. Maybe. The squirrels and chipmunks are fearless.

We rebuilt the tomato planter and it has a shiny new chicken wire cage to protect the plants. We only have flowers right now. I’m looking forward to fresh tomatoes!

There are also beets, carrots, and an array of herbs. This is the start of my favourite time of year.


Last year wasn’t a good one for our hydrangea. This year it’s making up for that!

blue hydrangea

Our house came with a clematis vine (a decade ago) and I’ve never had more than one or two flowers. This year when it was apparent it was attempting to strangle our Japanese Holly Sky Pencil trees, I made a quick guide line and worked to train it. It is flourishing with even a little bit of attention! I think the base should be moved a few feet, but in any case, I am looking into permanent trellis options.