new ink…

Not that kind!

While at the National Stationary Show (helping MakeRuckus Press) two weeks ago, I had a chance to stop by the Exaclair booth. Among other things, one of the new(ish) Herbin fountain pen inks came home with me.

Meet Vert de Gris.

image showing example of herbin vert de gris fountain pen with watercolor pan

You can learn more about this beautiful colour, in a review by Wondernaut. It’s a marvelous colour and I’m finding myself trying to write every pen dry so I can fill all of them with it.

I painted the bottle with my new mini travel palette which includes my first hand-mulled paint, a pan of silver graphite by Wanderlust Watercolors. Yes, I could’ve been more clever and used the ink to paint the bottle, but I’m quite pleased by the colour I mixed!

I’m really happy to be excited to use my fountain pens, sketching, and painting again. While I’ve not sketched with watercolours every day, I’m doodling more. It feels good and helps loosen my creativity and relax my mind.

image of desk tableau: tea cup on coaster, handknit sock in progress, planner, and sketchbook with watercolors and painted image of teacup.