snuggles & speaking up

We hope you are safe and warm in this polar vortex. Shadow alternates between sleeping in (and on) all the blankets and on us.

There’s long overdue conversations about racism happening in the fiber community (among others) for the past few weeks. While my default mode is quiet and subtle, I know that silence isn’t good. I’ve been on instagram, but need to post here too. What am I doing? I am listening, reading, learning, and speaking out louder in support of BIPOC. As always I turn to books. I started with the reading list from a seminar I took back grad school, Venus in Chains: Writing the lives of Anonymous Women with Professor Saidiya Hartman. I’ll talk about them in the coming weeks. What am I not doing? Expecting anyone to take on further burdens to teach me for free. Not sure what I’m talking about? Hunter summed up the first part very well on her blog. There’s more and I’m not yet sure where to begin with that yet — I’ll update here when I have a good perma(nent) link. Another resource I highly recommend is Layla F. Saad’s Me and White Supremacy Workbook. Please, support her work.