planning for spring

We are now deep into January and that means one thing. Snow and freezing rain in the forecast. Yuck. It’s been bitter cold with windchills that make me wear layers of cashmere, so I don’t mind too much that somecat wants all the snuggles.

Shadow snuggled enjoying chin scritches

I have a tradition for the first storm that arrives in January.

First I finish the Girl Scout cookies that are hiding in the depths of the freezer (Thin Mints and Samoas). Yes, it takes discipline to keep them around to this point in the year. I have no idea why eating them in January makes me happy but it does. (Our council tends to deliver cookies in April so it’s not yet cookie season for me.)

I’m also finalizing my seed order.

Laptop, watercolour set, notebook with sketch, pen, seed catalogues

I’m also working on the plan of where I’ll plant everything. Last year I tried tomatoes in a different spot and it didn’t work at all. This year they’re going back where I normally plant them and I’ll remember to put up some netting/fencing to try to keep the deer, squirrels, and chipmunks from helping themselves.

How do you brighten the cold grey days of January?