lessons in patience

My current group of foster kittens are lessons in patience. When they first came Dora and Cookie were very apprehensive. They left their brother at the humane society, we thought working with them first would give us the greatest chance of socialization success.

Two foster kittens who are not yet socialized.

It worked.

foster kitten dora enjoying a belly rub

foster kitten cookie enjoying a belly rub

So Sky joined his sisters. The hope was that seeing them purring and enjoying petting would help him catch up quick.

foster kitten sky in the cat carrier on his way to be reunited with his sisters

It hasn’t been a speedy process. Sky is a work in progress and lessons in patience.

foster kittens cookie and dora on a lap with sky watching

foster kitten cookie on lap with sky close on leg

I’ve been very frustrated watching him run away the moment I try to pet him. There have been experiments in separation and intensive one on one work. He is very slowly coming around. Today after relaxing on my legs for a few minutes, he let me pet him for about 3 seconds and he didn’t run to the furthest corner of the room when he realized what I was doing.

foster kitten sky sniffing fingers

foster kitten sky on lap close to phone camera

foster kittens cookie and dora on lap with sky resting on legs.