cozy comfort

While many of my autumn flowers are still on the trees, today the first winter storm is approaching my area.

It’s due to arrive here after 3pm (I’m writing this at 1pm) and each time I refresh the forecast page, it changes. Early this morning it was for not much and mostly wintery mix. Now, however, there’s possibility of 4-8″ of snow. (I’ll take this morning’s forecast instead please!)

With that in mind, I decided to spend the rest my lunch break in front of the electric fireplace with some hot chocolate. To keep things extra cozy I brought some stuff from my desk over with me. First is my planner so I can sketch out the next few weeks; I always try to add an extra week between the beginning of November and the US Thanksgiving holiday. Eek! To help with my time blocks, I have my planning grid, my crochet scrap blanket project, and as incentive my Rucksack Universe books. Tonight I’ll break out my “first snow” treat, the boxes of girl scout cookies hidden somewhere in the freezer.

Shadow’s alternating between bird watching and napping. My newest batch of foster kittens (yes, there are 3) are enjoying all the extra blankets and towels I’ve added to their room to help them stay warm.

What do you do to mourn (or celebrate) the arrival of the cold?