playful kittens

I made the foster kittens a cat toy and they love playing with it. They love it about as much as the small patch of carpet they pulled up and love to run around with. It’s really challenging to get photos that aren’t blurry.

grey tabby with pink crocheted "tail end" cat toy

grey tabby tux with pink crocheted "tail end" cat toy

black and white tux with pink crocheted "tail end" cat toy

silver point with pink crocheted "tail end" cat toy

I’m in the process of migrating products from etsy to my little acorn creations site, if you’re interested in purchasing a handmade-by-penny set of 3 cat toys for $15 + shipping please contact me and let me know you’d like to pre-order. If there are specific colours you’d like (or detest) please let me know and I’ll try my best to match. The next batch will be available later this autumn.

The kittens are very ready to find their forever homes and are waiting for space to open at the Humane Society. If you’re interested in any of these foster kittens, please contact them and let them know!

A percentage of all cat toy pattern (and product sales) are donated to benefit the Westchester Humane Society at New Rochelle and my fostering efforts.