a cute quartet of foster kittens

Yesterday four foster kittens arrived for a bit of extra TLC before they return to Humane Society of Westchester and await their forever homes. They are about two months old and they are pure adorableness — there’s a lilac point, a brown tabby tux, a brown tabby, and a black tuxedo.

four foster kittens leaving carrier in kitten room for the first time

Already today we’ve achieved purrs and curiosity.
collage of four foster kittens

And five years ago this weekend, Shadow made his decision to adopt Buddy! They still love each other.
Shadow & Buddy

If you’re able, Shadow, Buddy, and I would love for you to help us support the Humane Society of Westchester.

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  1. Penny, the kittens are adorable and it does my heart good to see their lovely little faces. Thank you. So glad Shadow made the decision to adopt Buddy. A good choice and a wise cat.

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