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This afternoon I went to the store to pick up a wireless repeater so I can work outside on the deck this summer. I made an impulse purchase and came home with an AIY Voice Kit (v1). Oops. We’ve talked about adding voice recognition for a while, and as it was five dollars, I couldn’t resist. It joins our growing cluster of raspberry pis, a beaglebone, and multiple devices controlled by z-wave technology.

All of this is exciting — twenty years ago (gasp) I studied artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and linguistics. While my life has moved far from academia and cutting edge computer science, I love how approachable and accessible this field has become. There are frequent discussions over dinner about how our lives may have been different had we had easy and affordable access to all of this new technology.

What do our mini devices do?

Our Raspberry Pi Control centerOne device tracks humidity levels and temperature at multiple sensors points in the house. Another controls the security cameras. In the dining room we created a control center that displays weather and visuals from the camera in addition to a few other things including controlling the lights in the display cabinet.

Is there more?

What about the micro:bit I picked up last December? I use it as a timer while I’m sitting at the couch knitting or crocheting. The image changes when it’s time to take a break. I shake it to reset.

Other Plans

Tonight we started planning how to control the garden sprinklers so they don’t turn on if a storm is approaching with specific probability.

Are you interested in the geeky details of our projects? If so, please let me know and I’ll write them up.

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  1. Yes, geeky details please. have you read the article about AI in the April issue of Smithsonian? Hmmmm.

    1. I’ll get on them. My loudest piece of advice? Skip the 5V power supplies and go straight to 5.1V even if you aren’t using a pi3 yet. We went a custom power supply route for the control center.

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