how does my garden grow?

I blinked and spring finally arrived. I blinked again and the pollen swarmed me. In between sneezing fits I’ve been trying to tend to both the ornamental and the edible parts of our garden. We’ll see what this growing season brings! For this post there aren’t many attractive photos to share. We’re still in the is that a friend or foe stage of plant growth.

Spring cherry blossoms

While they aren’t my favourite plant by a long shot, we planted several varieties of hostas in a few problematic “what do we do with this” spots. They tend to thrive here and should help with friendly weed control with the leaves crowding out other plants.

The peonies are doing well and I check on them daily. I think I will need to move them next year, this bed has shifted boundaries, I fear I’ll mow them. Also they seem to keep reaching for the sun from this semi-shady spot.

The bleeding heart is tiny, but still beautiful. Its lack of growth is due to my lateness working on the beds and I didn’t work compost in early.

We slimmed down the edible garden this year. After some work on the driveway last autumn, we demolished one of the planters and haven’t yet rebuilt it. There are two tomato plants and several different herbs. We also planted a currant which is producing beautiful leaves and hopefully some potatoes. I haven’t yet unearthed the mint raised bed.

Our dogwood is one of the last ones in the area to leaf out and produce blossoms. I think I love this stage best.

dogwood blossom