recent writing

This quarter I focused on Deep Work, it was an experiment in writing. With fewer distractions from social media I was able to concentrate on what I find important. Three places I’ve written more are at my other sites, little acorn creations (Tuesdays), PennyWise Consulting (Wednesdays), and pen at work (Fridays). If that’s too much to keep track of, I created a page that summarizes recent blog posts. Are you interested in a newsletter that once a week aggregates all my writing for you in one email? If so, please let me know. Each site has its own monthly newsletter that includes recent posts and some unique content.

Other Writing

Earlier this month, I wrote for Quo Vadis and Rhodia Drive, How Penny uses her Quo Vadis planner along with her Rhodia Goalbook.

I’m also writing for Anzula. Exploring how all their yarns work in crochet. Jill‘s been writing about them from a knitter’s perspective for almost a year, I’m catching up! You can see my thoughts on For Better or Worsted and Milky Way now. Squishy will appear next week and I’m finishing up Meridian. This is a fun project as I’ve not thought about the yarns I choose for crochet in this organized a manner before.

What’s in the works?

PG enjoys her chai

There’s a lot more getting scribbled daily in my notebooks.

There are knit and crochet designs in progress for several companies in addition to swatching my way through all of Anzula’s yarns.

I also have some additional products for pen at work in the (groan) planning stage and hope to offer something soon.

PennyWise Consulting shouldn’t feel left out. I’m creating some worksheets to help small businesses with technology planning and management.