foster kitten socialization for extreme introverts

When foster kitten Jersey went to wait for his forever family I mentioned I kept getting the easy kittens and I begged for a challenge. Kittens have the most success with socialization when they are younger, most prefer them to be less then two months. Helen was on the cusp of aging out of that system when she came home with me. She was ok once you started petting her, but was anxious and easily spooked by noises or movement.

Could I help her to trust and show confidence around people?

It’s been a long two months working on socialization. We have good days and others that remind me there’s still work we need to do.

The good moments are beginning to outnumber the ones when she forgets I’m friend not foe. When she escapes to safety, it’s no longer to another room and she often remains within touching distance.

It’s hard to be patient. We’re good for each other.

Foster Kitten playing with a hand spindleThis week we’ve seen two milestone successes:

  • We can pet her during every meal. She purrs while she eats. It’s wonderful.

  • She discovered she’s fascinated by the fiber arts and wants to learn about spinning. While she has yet to climb into my lap, I think she will soon.

How can you help?

If you are would like to adopt Helen, please let fill out an application and let the Humane Society know. Not able to adopt? A donation is always appreciated.

Crocheters can also purchase my crochet cat toy pattern, tail end. A portion of proceeds are donated to the Humane Society and the remainder help to support my fostering efforts. It’s one of Helen’s favourite toys. She plays with it for hours. She took it on herself to improve her toy and felted it in her water bowl. She’s definitely creative!