a pair of socks!

Once upon a time I knit socks quickly. As in weeks (or a weekend for footie socks). This pair for E was started on November 20th … 2016. I finished them on November 25, 2017. I think that’s a record and not one that I hope to repeat.

What took so long? The first time I knit them I inadvertently sized them to fit me. So I ripped out the heels, knit additional foot length and tried again. E reports that they fit perfectly.

They incorporate Amy Detjen’s Favorite Toe-Up Socks and my normal toe, which I think is from Miriam Felton’s Footie Socks.

What’s next? I’m knitting a pair of gloves from Kate Atherley‘s new book, Knit Mitts: Your Hand-y Guide to Knitting Mittens & Gloves. They’re the Houldsworth Glove and I’m making them in Anzula Gerty. Well, I’ll knit them if Buddy ever lets me!