shift shawl, stronger than ever

The greatest compliment I receive as a knitter is when an item I gifted is worn, loved, and now in need of repair due to use, not neglect.

That is the story of this shift shawl, designed by Larissa Brown. This photo collage is of the shawl back in March 2014 when I completed it.

I gifted it to my mother and she wore it constantly over the past three years. She wore it around the house, she wore it walking the dog, and I believe she wore it when out on the town. As we collected her things to begin her new chapter, I discovered the shawl needed some TLC. It sported a big hole and several other smaller issues that needed repair.

Shift Shawl - hole Shift Shawl dropped stitch


My initial intent was to be sappy and patch this large hole with a heart.

In the end I decided to work with my Purl & Loop Minute Weaver and create a more durable patch for this particular hole. It feels somewhat fitting given my mother’s new hip. As she slowly regained strength, I worked on the patch. After sewing it in, I embroidered back in the chain of the center back to provide some visual continuity.

It’s not perfect, but I have confidence that it will hold up well.

Shift Shawl - patched


I love the renewed shawl and thankfully so does she.

Shift Shawl - fully mended

It has a place of prominence in her new room when it’s not draped around her shoulders. It’s one of the first things she points out to anyone who visits her.

Shift Shawl loved