garden growth

This summer’s gardening goals were quickly reevaluated and I’ve had small successes.

We have happy bees.

Happy bees are good bees. If you want to learn more about happy bees, I highly recommend 100 Plants to Save the Bees: The Best Blooms to Nourish and Sustain Native Bees, Honey Bees, and Other Pollinators published by The Xerces Society.

We have tomatoes! I have two other plants of different varieties, but this one is pretty reliable in having a few ripe fruit every day.

Most importantly, we have cat grass. Every week or two i start a new batch so that Shadow and Buddy can have their greens whenever they want.

Cat Grass Growth

Cat Grass Growth

Two cats look with anticipation at plantar of growing cat grass.

Shadow and Buddy wonder if it’s ready yet?

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  1. Beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing it with us. Love the cat grass pics. Is it ready yet?

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