love is love in hidden rainbow

Earlier this month I finished making something for me, a handwoven cowl. Shadow and Buddy both were helpful cats and enjoyed helping me work through the project.

In December, Buddy helped me to direct warp onto the loom.

Buddy cat helps warp a rigid heddle loom.

Buddy helps me direct warp.

If you would like to learn how to direct warp, I urge you to check out any or all of the resources provided by Liz Gipson:

After warping Buddy watched me weave each week.

He started as an attentive and helpful cat, reminding me to beat evenly and to take my time so there weren’t skips.

Buddy Cat and rigid heddle loom

But after a while he wondered if I was done yet.

Photo of Buddy cat yawning while facing loom

Are you done yet?

And the moment I told him it was just about ready, he started to try it on.

It’s mine, right?

Of course, once it was completed, Shadow wanted in on the action. Moments after I cut it off the loom, he claimed it for his own.

Shadow cat asleep on folded woven fabric.

Everything is his.

After I finished the fabric and laid it out to dry, Shadow provided it his highest honour. It met Sock. Love is love.

woven fabric laid out to dry with cat toy touching.

love is love.

I hemmed it on my sewing machine with a short zigzag stitch and the walking foot. I then stitched the short ends together and have worn it many days since.

Woven Cowl

Project Details

Warp: fiberstory FAVE sock in Putty (a blueish grey)
Weft: Julianna’s Lucky Star Sock in Hidden Rainbow
12-dent rigid heddle
Ravelry project page.

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  1. It’s beautiful. Thank goodness you had such good help.

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