my favourite travel tips

For today, I decided to gather together my three most favourite travel tips. This weekend is the opening of travel season here in the States. While I don’t travel as much as I used to, this June I am again heading to Columbus, Ohio. Why? It’s the summer trade show for The National NeedleArts Association .

After this trip, I will write up my thoughts about the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 bag.

Can’t wait to hear what I think? Here’s a preview: it’s the perfect travel bag for me and I love it.

Tip 1:

Add safety pins and binder clips in a few different sizes to your carryon.

They are versatile multi-functional tools. My safety pin of choice is the coil-less type, they are my default stitch marker for crochet and knitting. I like to bring a few different sized binder clips with me, while the largest ones stay at home on my office chair, the smaller sizes find service.

Tip 2:

A large shawl (I have a $5 acrylic one I love) and/or a sweater will likely be used no matter the season. I prefer black as it’s a colour that stands up to most travel stains and can still attend most events. You can plan and pack for expected weather, however, one thing I’ve learned about travel, unexpected happens! I find them helpful on a freezing airplane and I can roll up a sweater and turn it pillow (with a nice looking pillowcase). E thought I was nuts last summer for packing a sweater, but we spent a few hours at the Pálvölgyi cave and it was very nice to have.

Tip 3:

Plan, but please, don’t over schedule. If you are sight seeing in a place you’ve never visited before, leave time for the unexpected. Even if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip and you don’t know if you’ll ever see x,y,z enjoy where you are. Don’t view it all through your phone lens.

I also wrote up a bit about notebooks and travel at little acorn creations. Next week at PennyWise Consulting I hope to write up some thoughts on traveling and technology.

What’s your favourite travel tip?