april’s reading progress

I’m very close to reading 100 books so far this year, I completed 95 books through the end of April. As of today I’ve read (or reread) 99 books!

Has anything interesting appeared over all those pages? Yes. I love to reread. I don’t see why that’s considered odd, it’s common to watch reruns of TV sitcoms or even favourite movies (especially today).

April Reading

My reading was mostly rereading last month, I tried to finish the Valdemar series and came very close to achieving that goal. I also started to fill in the books I didn’t already own for some reason or another (The Herald’s Spy trilogy).

There were quite a few reviews this month and other reads with reviews in mind.

April Reviews

Over at little acorn creations it was quite the month for book reviews.

First I shared five titles that are terrific resources for pattern writing and modification. They cover a range of skill sets and projects from knit sweaters to basic crochet design.

Then I reviewed three upcoming releases related to notebooks, making observations, and sketching. They resulted in my picking up a new cheap ($5) sketchbook and travel watercolor set. I am trying to sketch every day and be better at observing the world around me. Some days are better than others.

May Preview

I technically finish the Valdemar reread yesterday with By the Sword, I hope to finally write up why I find this world intriguing and turn to the books again, and again, and again.

The reread of Harry Potter is taking longer than I thought, mostly because after Goblet of Fire I own hardback editions and honestly they’re heavy at night!

I have a tall pile of ARCs to finish. I will get to more of them this month, I will!

Finally, I’ve decided my car is magical. Yesterday while looking for my A6 notebook, under the seat I also found a book that I have no recollection purchasing. It’s as if my car knows me quite well. Since it also turned up a bottle of seltzer there too. I wonder what I’ll find next time I look? ;)