#yearofmaking, the third year

I decided that this, my third year participating in the #yearofmaking creativity challenge is my final year. I have loved every minute of it and see significant growth in my ability to create. However, taking the photos and sharing to social media has begun to be a drag.

I don’t doubt I’ll continue to make every.single.day. It’s a part of who I am.

I just won’t necessarily post daily.

That said, I don’t see myself stopping from some of my themed days anytime soon, the #tuesdaysareforspinning, #wednesdaysareforweaving, #psgswatches on Saturdays, and the watercolouring I post on Fridays, but I might not do them every week and if a week or more goes by, a week or more goes by.

I’ve thought long and hard how to organize this post as there are almost 1096 photos to sift through. Therefore, I decided today to focus only on the fiber & needle arts. It was hard to leave others out, but these photos spoke to me those most.

I love cooking and cook almost every meal we eat. However, I have not made much progress on the art of photographing food and would rather not make you loose your appetite.

If you want to view the image larger than the gallery view, please click to see the attachment page.

Test & Sample work

Being confident enough to post my work on Instagram made me confident to take on more testing and sample work.

Spinning, Weaving, Swatches

Thanks to #tuesdaysareforspinning and Spinzilla, I gained enough confidence to take on sample spinning work! Those swatches are still my favourites to date.

Weaving is a new way for me to enjoy yarns and fibers in different ways. With my rigid heddle and swatchmaker looms I’ve finally begun to feel the rhythm of weaving and I’m in love.

Doodling and Painting

This was a surprise. I discovered I was unable to doodle in my notes or while on conference calls. This was paralyzing to me. I undertook a special 30 day project to draw and doodle and during this learned I loved watercolouring. It’s wonderful to have a creative hobby.

If you want to learn more about the #yearofmaking project, I highly suggest checking out Kim Werker’s ebook. Kim took Miriam‘s brilliant idea and nurtured and grew it. I highly encourage you to participate in this or some other challenge. I know I will reap the benefits of these three years of deliberate daily practice for a long time to come.