kittens, cats, boxes, and toys

What goes together better than kittens and purrs, cats and boxes, and fun toys for all?

kittens and purrs

Yesterday the current batch of four foster kittens returned to the Westchester Humane Society at New Rochelle to await their forever homes. Return day is always bittersweet. Yes, it’s sad to take them back, but it’s also one of my favourite days. It means they’ve grown and are ready for their forever homes.

I’ll definitely miss their purr greetings to me. There was a little one we nicknamed Burr because he was always trying to attach himself to me!

cats and boxes (or basements)

Not only did he get rid of the kittens yesterday (he didn’t like anyone in this group), but Shadow also received a new large cardboard box with an epic amount of wonderful crinkly paper. He’s had a ball playing and hiding. What he doesn’t realize is that the box contained a new carrier. His broke while we were at his well-cat visit last week. Don’t worry, while he’s a big boy, he’s not overweight. Buddy stressed the zipper during his last visit. We purchased a sturdier one.
Shadow curled up with his box & paper
pic of buddy asleep in his chair
Buddy loves all the foster kittens but was annoyed because we had locked him out of the basement during their stay. With everything cleaned up, he is thrilled to have his windowsill back, he spent most of the day there. Tonight he decided it was nice to cuddle into a blanket I’ve not yet put away. When I went downstairs to take his photo he yawned, purred, and shut his eyes again.

all the toys

A few weeks ago I re-released my crochet pattern, tail end. This toy has been a hit since Shadow helped me design it years ago. It now features new photography, has been professionally tech edited by Lindsey Stephens.

pic of Buddy playing with crochet toy, tail end

A percentage of all pattern sales will be donated to Westchester Humane Society at New Rochelle each year. The other portion of the pattern sales will help support my fostering efforts. You can purchase the PDF for $1.99 through Ravelry, Craftsy, and Etsy. Don’t crochet? I have a small selection available for purchase and plan to update the shop soon, if you have colour preferences, please contact me.
kitten with crochet cat toy