in praise of an alarm

If you know me, you know I am not a fan of alarms … or alerts. I shut off notifications to apps and email. My phone is on vibrate. My watch vibrates each morning to start waking me up so I don’t bash the alarm clock too hard when it finally buzzes.

However, some alarms are very important.

Late last night we had an alarm that we don’t often think about go off, and not one you might expect. It’s for natural gas. We didn’t smell gas so we quickly tested to make sure it wasn’t the device. It kept shrieking so the gas company was contacted. Despite the hour, they came out right away, and verified a pinhole leak to our supply line inside the house. They fixed it. I’m still trying not to think too much about what could have happened had the alarm not given us early warning.

If you have a natural gas line to your home, please make sure you also have an alarm!