quick tool organization upgrade

I love my needle organization, however, it doesn’t work well when I’m out and about. A few years ago, Tom Bihn released knitting tool pouches. I’ve been thinking about them, but wasn’t quite sure how to integrate them into my work.

Last January at the TNNA Winter Trade Show, I added to my interchangeable needle sets and bought two more sets of my preferred 4″ needles. I also bought one of the new Sharp Steel Interchangeable Socks Sets so there are now even more tips and cables everywhere.

As I work on my weekly swatches, I have found it a challenge to keep the needles organized as I work. So the other day I finally bought three of the knitting tool pouches.

The smallest (size 1), the medium (size 2), and the square (size 4).


In reality, the size 2 pouch came first, I discovered quickly I loved it, so I placed a second order. We love their boxes, but they are big and it seemed too much for a small lightweight order.

Awesome Shipping

What I want to point out is something that is very exciting and makes me happy as my interaction with the company is primarily through mail order (one day I hope to get back out to Seattle). Tom Bihn ships via UPS and participates in their Carbon Neutral Program. You can check out a video about their commitment. I asked in my order notes if they could ship it any other way or (more preferred) in something small and Mike obliged. It made my delivery guy happy too! (We often have heavy cat food deliveries.)


Reviews coming soon:

Soon I’ll write up reviews of the tool pouches and my experiences with the new sock needles. I need to spend some more time working with them.