new book: The Lotus and the Barley

It’s always exciting when a new book appears in an enjoyable urban fantasy universe. The Lotus and the Barley by Anthony St Clair will be available June 16.

This series and this new release has surprised and delighted me at every page.

Let me begin in perhaps an unexpected spot with the beer. It’s because of this series that I’m now curious about the different varieties and slowly learning more about them. I occasionally visit my local Half Time Beverage, wander the aisles and become incredibly overwhelmed, make a few panicked grabs to fill a 6-pack, and return home to slowly figure out what I bought, if I like it, and why. While I’ve yet to find my personal GPS, I’m positive that in time I’ll find the magical brew.

Next, I’ll sit with and share a pint of Branwen and Zara’s homebrew. These determined sisters have one goal and that is to become na GrĂºdairĂ­ and brew GPS. Right now they’re perfecting their craft and trying to figure out what it is that makes GPS … a Galway Pradesh Stout. Will Branwen or Zara figure out the secret? Is Rucksack part of the mystery? Who is he and how does he know so much about beer? I first met Rucksack in Martini of Destiny and it was nice to catch up and learn more about a friend. What I enjoy about St Clair’s tightly edited writing is that even if we only meet someone briefly, attention has been paid to introduce them and their place in this world, without being spoon fed extraneous details. I love that my mental picture of a Deep Inc security guard likely differs from yours.

St Clair has built a universe that’s realistic and yet has provided just enough of that magical fantasy to take me away from the mundane world I know. And really, who hasn’t wished for that perfectly timed bus?

I highly recommend this series. How much so? I’m looking forward to rereading it again soon. I’m not sure what higher praise I can give a book than I want to reread it! I find myself thinking about the characters and world long after I’ve read the final word of each novella. The world is realistic enough I now think differently about coffee, martinis, and of course a good stout.

the-lotus-and-the-barley The Lotus and the Barley
by Anthony St Clair
to be published June 2016, preorder information available here

You can preview the first few chapters at St Clair’s blog and Facebook page.

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Disclaimer: The author provided an advanced copy in exchange for a review. The FTC wants you to know.