more socks!

On Sunday I finished another pair of socks for E. He loved the most recent pair so much he asked me if I would knit him another pair. So I did.

He had a few changes for this pair, while he loves the bright colours of his Into the Whirled pair, could this pair include some blues and greys? Could the leg and cuff be longer? Of course! That’s what I love about making socks, I can modify to fit specific requests.

At VK Live last month, I stopped by the Knit Circus booth (ok, I was helping them during lunch) and purchased some Greatest of Ease in Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Sock Variation.

While to the same stitch gauge, they knit up considerably faster due to determination to finish them as close to E’s birthday as I could and because I had the other pair to use as size reference. And of course the colours are more Penny-friendly so I enjoyed knitting every stitch!

Yarn: KnitCircus Greatest of Ease in colourway Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Sock – variation, purchased at VK Live NY January 2016
Needles: 2mm (US0)
Project started: January 17 2016
Project completed: February 7 2016
Ravelry project page

These were tons of fun to knit. He’s been very appreciative of them so while the next pair of socks is for me to help replenish my neglected sock drawer, we’re already in discussions for his next pair. Mine might be a pair of knee highs in Gradient stripes and who knows what yarn and colourway he’ll choose. There are many options!