I have loved colouring books for a very long timeˆ though for reasons unknown I’ve not discussed them here. I even brought a couple of books and crayons with me to college (along with a milk crate of records, but that’s another story). I’ve been delighted by the rise of adult colouring books (This one looks amazing).

Last year’s doodle project lead to a discovery that I love watercolours. I’ve been slowly updating my supplies and tools, a few weeks ago I added a round #1 brush to my kit, this allows for fine detail work.

It’s exciting to combine the two.


I’m able to practice mixing and painting with different ratios of paints and water. I’m able to practice mixing enough paint to cover an area. I’m able to practice ways to fix where the paint didn’t work out as I expected.

Yes, there are colouring books that are watercolour friendy, however, I’m enjoying this low cost & low risk way to meditate and relax.

Do you enjoy colouring books? How do you like to colour them?

ˆ few things make me feel old. I’m definitely not! For unknown reasons, this year, this anniversary has touched me deeply.

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