Reading plans

My reading goals for this year since similar to my goals for every year:

Read as much as I can every day.
Try to read books we own, read beyond the newest acquisitions at the library.
Write at least 100 words for every book.

New for 2016 will be to get over my fear that by reviewing a fiction title, I’ll give away too many spoilers, à la this Unshelved comic. Reviews such as those by teabird, N.K. Jemisin are my inspiration and guide.

I’ll post reviews to goodreads and librarything. I will try to group reviews of similar titles together before I post them here.

What reviews can you look forward to? I have a collection of gardening books. They as the North East begins to encounter colder temperarures and soon I suspect we’ll be pouring over seed catalogues.


Do you have reading goals for this year?

I’ll also take updated pictures of the library.

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  1. Thank you! I aim to please…

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