making progress

I’m making progress on many different projects, and might soon even finish a few. Here are three projects that have seen the most progress in recent weeks:

Stria, knitting progressStria
design by Bristol Ivy
my Ravelry project page.
When I finish the sleeves I can wear my new sweater. I’m about 7 inches in; I need at least 18 inches, while I love ¾ length sleeves for my t-shirts I want full or a bit long (with thumb holes) for sweaters. I’m going to likely do a few more modifications to the finishing but we’ll see when I get there. I also need to knit up the pockets, but those can come later.

Spring Valley Shawl, knitting progressSpring Valley Shawl
design by Carol Ullmann
my Ravelry project page.
I love this shawl. I love the Happy Fuzzy Yarn DK Merino. It’s got the right amount of squoosh and I look forward to wearing it this winter. There are a several new semi-solids this season, what different three-colour combination would you choose?

E's socks, knitting progressE’s socks
my Ravelry project page.
I started the heels today on the trip home from sharing lunch with mum. There was very little traffic our direction and we were home in record time so I didn’t even finish one! I’m not completely sure what heel I’m going to ultimately use, I’m trialing one that I think will fit E well, once I complete it and he can try it on I’ll be more confident for the second.

I also recently ripped out a bunch of projects that weren’t working or I wasn’t working on. That felt good and I look forward to giving those yarns a new chance soon.