a rainbow for writing

After weeks being surprised at how long it was taking to write one of my pens dry, I finally reinked all my pens in the colours I want.


I think.

I’m still not completely convinced on the orange, but it feels good to have made these choices for now. I think the number of pens I have is little absurd, but that’s a discussion for another day because all of these colours make me happy. This paper isn’t the best for flex nibs or wet fountain pens, but it’s been nice to have a book to track how pens were inked over time. I picked it up at Muji a while ago. Sorry for the colours being off. Time change + a rainy week!

Bottled Inks are:
J Herbin Terre de Feu, Ambre de Birmaine, Lierre Sauvage, Verte Empire, Poussiere de Lune
Diamine: Red Dragon
Noodler’s: Apache Sunset, Lexington Gray
Waterman blue-black (purchased 14 February 2001)