ROOT reading progress

This year, so far, I’ve read about 91 books. However, only about 20 of them are ROOT Reads. But really, that’s ok. Many of the books on my shelves are the beginning of a series, and I’ve borrowed library books to finish them.

Here are the two big ones:

On my bookshelf, you can find Foundation & Foundation’s Edge by Isaac Asimov. I’d started trying to read Foundation back in college and never got past the first 50 pages. This time I read them in chronological story order (beginning with Prelude to Foundation) instead of reading them in publication order. This time I devoured the books. Why? The story made more sense to me. Could I possibly have enjoyed them in publication order? Yes but as I was more interested in the story, this was the ideal solution. I found the series to be interesting. While I enjoy classic science fiction and fantasy, and think it’s important to read them, I’m very thankful that I can easily find more diverse characters.

I’ve had Robin Hobb‘s Ship of Magic & Shaman’s Crossing on my shelves for a while. I finally read them over the holidays and since then I’ve been working my way through all her books. So far, I’ve finished the Liveship Traders Trilogy and The Rain Wild Chronicles. I’m now working my way through The Farseer Trilogy and The Forest Mage Series.

Will I likely finish an additional 32 books I own in the next two months? Probably not. I’m still counting this year’s ROOT Reads challenge a positive experience.