still snuggling

Greta and Hans haven’t failed fostering yet, but they’re walking a very fine line. After limping on Tuesday and causing me worry, Greta has a checkup next Wednesday and they’ll stay with us at least until then. She’s walking fine now so I believe she knew we were discussing what day they’d go back to wait for their forever home(s)☆ and knew how to stay with us a little longer.


Shadow and Buddy are getting along with them and the kittens have become quite skilled at cat doors so we gave up on seperating everyone at night. As the heat isn’t on yet, four cats in bed is nice and cozy!

If you could, please consider a donation to New Rochelle Humane Society. If budget is difficult (and trust me $5 makes a difference), please consider liking their facebook page even if you aren’t local. If you are interested in adopting these two adorable kittens, please contact NRHS to let them know. Thank you!

☆ home? homes? Hans gets lonely so I personally think he’d be much happier if adopted with his sister or into a home with others for him to play and snuggle with.