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Spinzilla, a friendly event to see how much (in terms of finished length) teams and individuals can spin in one week, is fast approaching. I’ve been practicing for Team Happy Fuzzy Yarn by building off the fun (and success) of the spinning swatch project and spinning up a special-to-me yarn. I spun this one slowly, and used the time to reinforced technique I’ll use for the event. I have a two-day handicap due to the jewish holidays, so I’m making sure my techniques are confident when I’m under pressure.

This is the special to me braid.


I won it from Miriam Felton back in 2007. When it arrived, my perfectionism kicked in. I had heard stories of handpainted braids turning into “mud”. I wasn’t sure I could spin consistent enough singles to do a two ply (the only technique I knew at the time). So, the braid sat in my stash and endured the move from Brooklyn! Every time I’d go through the stash I’d pet it and wonder if I was ready to undertake spinning it. Until the handspun swatch project, the answer was always no.

When I did the handspun swatch project, I chose to spin and ply all the bases in as similar a way as possible. My singles were mostly consistent and I chain plied. I love how this keeps the handpainted colours bright.

Even before I’d finished with the swatches I decided this was how I would ply the special fiber. It still took me a bit to get the braid out of storage and onto my wheel but then the magic began.

Is it perfect? No. But is it a yarn that makes me really happy? YES!


It came to about 246 yards of chain ply. ♥

What will I spin for spinzilla? I’m not sure. The requirement of the event is that one must spin all the yardage during the event so I have a bobbin partially full of some Happy Fuzzy Yarn Merino and a spindle with a couple of yards of chain-ply-on-the-fly Happy Fuzzy Yarn BFL & Silk that I’ll need to set aside. I’ll figure it out.

Your $10 registration fee goes toward the NeedleArts Mentoring Program, please learn more about spinzilla registration fees and the NAMP. Please join us for Spinzilla!

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  1. It turned out so beautiful, Penny. Chain ply was definitely the way to go.

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