new foster kittens

Last Friday there was a plea posted on Facebook by the New Rochelle Humane Society asking for someone to foster a special kitten. I couldn’t get in touch with them fast enough.

Meet Greta.


She is recovering from being thrown out a window and a kind person brought them to the shelter. Her shoulder is broken and she’s in a cast for a few weeks and needs some extra love and snuggles. Greta’s brother, Hans, was also thrown, he suffered from a slight limp for a few days. They are two of the sweetest kittens I have had the honour of fostering. Within an hour of bringing them home they were both curled up on my lap. They love giving me kisses in exchange for cuddles. When they purr? My heart melts. Greta hasn’t let the cast stop her from figuring out how to get around and do what she needs to. I was surprised to find her up on the shelf! On Wednesday Greta went for a checkup and Hans was very lonely, so I brought him to my office and he napped on my lap for several hours.

If you can help support Greta’s medical care, I would very much appreciate it. While her expenses aren’t as high as they could be, they aren’t free. Information about donation options can be found on the New Rochelle Humane Society‘s website. Thank you.

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  1. You’re kindness is so refreshing. Thank you for being there for the voiceless. We used to foster dogs before keeping too many animals as a result, but I will do it again. Sweet kittens and sweet lady!!

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