working on… renewal projects

After spending the past several months and very intensely the past few weeks on a very large (for me) client project, I’m slowly catching up on everything. Some are tasks I put off because they weren’t high priority, others are things I wanted to do but couldn’t because we had to finish something else first, some are new things. Here are a few:

We’re finally finishing building the new home server and redoing the network configuration. I’m working on a granny log cabin blanket for the reading nook. As we finish up that project and reclaim space on the workbenches I’m hoping to finally design and build on my cricket loom stand. This evening, I upgraded my very taxed laptop with a new solution. While I often worked with a second monitor, much of the work I do was cramped and the unmatched monitors were disrupting. I’ve not completed all my installs and configurations yet, but it’s getting there and I look forward to it. The laptop won’t go away but won’t have to do all the heavy lifting.

What are you working on?