return of the Lamy

After not writing with my Lamy fountain pens for a while, I cleaned and set them aside to see if I really missed them or if they could go find a new home. I traded my charcoal grey Safari with Miriam Felton in exchange for a custom pen case. Shortly thereafter I picked up more ink colours. On Monday I decided I wanted to try the Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts sample I had picked up but didn’t want to change out any of my other pens. Out came the Lamy. I’ve been writing with a medium nib Jinhao and was surprised to find I enjoyed it, so I had hope for the return of my Lamy.


While the barrel shape isn’t my favourite, I am liking how it writes. I also really like this this colour and if I ever use up the bottom of Waterman’s blue-black I picked up in February 2001, I will likely replace it with the Noodlers.


I’m happy with my rainbow selection of inks. I’m now looking for the perfect orange, a nice harvest colour. Right before this photo, I had just given the Jet Pens Chibi filled with J Herbin Ambre de Birmanie a dip in some windex to improve flow, I’d stored it oddly, it’s a very beautiful colour more ambre than in this early morning tablet camera photo.

Do you have a favourite ink and pen combination? Please let me know.