purrs and healing

The house is still full of kittens. Shadow and Buddy are very sad they haven’t been allowed in the sunroom this week, it’s too hot. They are sad they aren’t allowed in the basement. They have been snuggling extra close each morning to make up for it.

Maddie is healing and she and Cassie give me the most energetic greeting each morning. It’s hard to be sad that I have to work when they are so very happy to see me. Hopefully next week there will be space and Maddie will be healed and they’ll find their forever homes quickly.

In the kitten room we reached a big milestone this week. Everyone, including my shy little one began to purr. They are now in love with me and it’s impossible (and undesirable) to pop in there only for a moment. I’m now everyone’s best friend even if I’m still medicating them every morning and we have fun playing in longer sessions.