kittens kittens everywhere!

Maddie and Cassie are still ready, and also still hanging out with me. Maddie developed a skin condition over the weekend and in her desire to be properly groomed for her forever family, she licked herself into a cone. She saw the vet yesterday and she’s on the road to a complete recovery, for the moment sans cone. Both girls have been very helpful this week, even if they didn’t feel their best. Maddie needs to work on her typing skills.

I have three more kittens playing in the kitten room and learning that people are fun and not scary. These three are quite the group of climbers, already up in the sink and windowsill and moving too fast for me to get anything other than blurry photos! The only thing that seems to keep them still at the moment is when a fly invades. They were mesmerised!

Shadow and Buddy are doing well. They are happy the weather cooled and they can again spend their days in the sunroom.