it followed me home

So… a Cricket rigid heddle loom followed me home from TNNA. I was amazed it took me until Monday to purchase one, we were across from the Spinning & Weaving Group and I could see hints of Schacht Spindle Co in the aisle beyond.

This loom was really easy and quick to put together, I didn’t even need to get out any power tools! With the help of Liz Gipson‘s book, Weaving Made Easy Revised and Updated: 17 Projects Using a Rigid-Heddle Loom I was warped and weaving quickly.

I tossed up a quick warp to practice on and work through while I waited for the more Penny-yarn-weight-friendly 12-dent heddle to arrive (it was delivered this afternoon). I’ve been working through some of the wonders within The Weaver’s Idea Book, a book I picked up years before I owned an appropriate loom!

I’m much happier with this than the loom I built a few years ago and only wove on once. That has been taken apart and the parts set aside for other projects.

Why? I can get weaving quickly and with minimum of fuss. It allows me to focus on simpler weaves and delight in creating beautiful fabric different from what I’m used to making. In time I’ll probably want to return to the intricate designs a larger 4+-shaft loom can provide, but for now, this is perfect.