#yearofmaking progress

How’s my #yearofmaking project holding up in its second year? Today is day 106.

I’m finding it very difficult!


I make every day. I make many things every day. I wear things I’ve made every day. I want to try to choose one thing each day to celebrate. Yes, I can easily make collages, but I want to try to be more mindful and thankful about all that I make. I’m also trying not to post progress of the same thing or the same type of thing two days in a row.

For example, tonight I posted dinner … it’s nothing special but I didn’t just make pasta with jarred sauce. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I took the time to dice up zucchini and zest a lemon and grate some parmesan. What else have I made today? I’m wearing socks I knitted 7 years ago. I worked on a new pair of socks while we ran errands this morning. After completing another draft of an essay that has been my focus for the past month and a half, I treated myself to spinning for 15 minutes. During my lunch break I worked on reworking the ribbing of hat I thought I’d finished and petted some handspun that I’m longing to knit up.


How’s your #yearofmaking progressing? If you haven’t started yet, why not? Today’s a good day!