my pen at work

I find these sorts of “where else you can find me” posts very difficult to write even though I know they’re beneficial (I’m not alone). They’ll appear here occasionally.

Some other spaces you can find words I’ve written:

Over at PennyWise Consulting, LLC, I focus on the technology my clients use. That shifts as my clients change, but at the moment there’s quite a bit of WordPress. I write about the process of how I work, help you build technology literacy and even how to think through IT. Monthly I write for The Patterned Blog, where I offer tech advice for creative types in a series called Ask Penny.

little acorn creations now sees more of the making posts that used to appear here. I interview makers, gather up tips, tutorials, and techniques, and I also sometimes preview current projects, as I did last week. It’s quite focused on knitting and crochet at the moment, but as I’m making more, the writing topics will expand as well. My garage workshop is unheated so that may wait until spring, though we’ve discussed the feasibility of bringing the scroll saw inside.

Is the thought of visiting all those websites overwhelming? I also send monthly email newsletters that summarize the posts of the past month and highlight additional items of specific interest. You can sign up at the following links: PennyWise Consulting arrives in your inbox during the last week of the month. While little acorn creations distributes its newsletter during the second week.

What would you like me to write about?