gifts exchanged

Teabird and I have been exchanging handmade gifts and handwritten letters for years now. She fell in love with the Synchronicity Collection by Andi Smith and I asked her if there was anything I could knit for her as I really loved the designs.

There was. She also had the most perfect yarn she wanted me to use. The yarn arrived and I knitted a White Pond Cowl.

Isn’t it lovely? The yarn is Holiday Yarns FlockSock in Vanilla and Bruised ego.

In turn she asked if she could knit me a pair of socks.

I confess I couldn’t say yes fast enough. My sock drawer is looking a little lean these days. I still wear wool socks with the same frequency as I always have but I don’t have as much sock knitting time as I used to, especially as you can now find me behind the wheel. While I do mend my socks, adding to the rotation helps.

We talked a bit about fit preferences and all I was told was I would love the colourway. The package arrived this afternoon.


Yes. I have not seen such a perfectly Penny colourway in a while. It is the November colourway and yes, it’s very much November and the colours I gravitate to with browns and greys and hints of deep rich gold. They fit perfect and I am in love.

In the letter, she said there were two cat toys. I was quite confused because I found a second pair of socks. They had apparently felted and no longer fit her.


The thing is, they fit me. Perfectly. They are barely felted compared to many of the socks in rotation. The new plan is I’ll wear them for a while and then I’ll turn them into bright happy cat toys.

She also included a few partial skeins of sock yarn to turn into cat toys. I will be talking more about that project and the types of items I’m looking for soon.

Thank you Teabird!