reading as i mean to go on

2014-12-31-libraryJust about a year ago, I announced I’d try to read 52 books from our library in 2014.

Did I make my goal?

As of 6p on 31 December 2014, I read 47 books from our shelves.

I also reread 12 books.

Technically I made it.

I very carefully left several large gaping holes in this goal. While I really hoped to complete 52 books I’d not read before, re-reading books was possible. I love re-reading and I also love discovering new books. In addition, we wanted to clean up the library and make sure everything was catalogued so we didn’t purchase duplicates, there likely was a reason a title “looked good”.

How large were those gaping holes? Looking quickly at my list, at least 20 of the 47 books were acquired this year. Most of them at various library book sales over the summer, including an amazing one where I picked up most of the first decade or so of the Sword and Sorceress series for $1/each (note: I’m looking for volumes IV, VII, and all volumes from XII onward) .

That wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but it’s ok. I learned something about my reading habits this year.

I read throughout the day. I like to read for a bit during my faux morning commute as I transition into work. I like to treat myself to something fun during lunch (so I take more than 15 minutes and don’t inhale the food, I was trained to eat as fast as possible and get back to work, it’s not healthy). Our nightly routine includes as reduced as possible screen time starting a few hours before bed and no e-reading in bed, even with display filters (so many studies about why that I could link to, here’s a recent story: For A Deeper Sleep, Forgo The E-Reader Before Bed).

This year my biggest discovery was that I really like to read short stories before bed. Why? Well, I am highly susceptible to the reader’s sleeping disorder, and I’ve learned that short self-contained stories help me unwind, feel accomplished, and have closure before the lights go out.


Here’s a link to my 2014 ROOT list and all 115 of the books I read this past year.

What are my 2015 reading plans? I’m ending 2014 as I mean to go on. Last night I began a short story anthology, Dragon Fantastic. During the next revolution of the earth, I plan to try to complete 52 physical books that we own (I can purchase them at any time) that I’ve not read before or haven’t read in the past 5 years.

Did you meet your 2014 reading goal? Have your plans changed for 2015?