back to normal … almost

The first week back after the holiday cycle is always a challenge. This year I revised my planning system* so it has been productive and not overwhelming as in years past, but it’s still been quite the week. Monday morning I couldn’t find the new can of coffee I’d squirreled away in the cupboard and that made the day an interesting one (I drank copious amounts of tea instead). A nor’easter in town didn’t help. Today had its own set of of distraction, so all in all A Week.


I tried to finish my sweater for Rhinebeck but didn’t quite make it to the end. It was very blustery at the festival on Sunday so it probably wouldn’t have been seen.


This sweater started life as The Jumble Sale Kimono for the Widow Mayhew’s Daughter by Andi Smith. While it still echoes her design, I’ve made extensive modifications along the way to accommodate my very differently structured yarn, my preferred style, and my desire to finish it (I cast on in May 2013!). About 40% of the collar still needs to be knitted, but the end is in sight and hopefully I’ll have a new sweater in time for my birthday.

* I’ll discuss more about my new system soon. I’m very happy with it. ^ back to top