happy leaf season!


On Sunday after a quick day trip up to Rhinebeck, we’ll get out the rakes and begin.

Shadow and Buddy love watching the leaves fall and the squirrels run around putting their finds into storage. This morning Buddy went for his annual well cat visit. He’s a very healthy young boy and was VERY vocal about the indignity of being enclosed in the cat carrier. He is normally very quiet and rarely meows much. He started yowling the moment we zipped it up, the entire visit with the vet, and the entire ride home, all told about an hour of chatting. I guess he saved it all up for the car ride!


The foster kittens are feeling better and we’re discovering more about their personalities as they learn that seeing me doesn’t always mean another dose of medicine. The grey tabby girl is bold and curious, the black and white girl is a little more cautious but loves to be petted, and the little black one is catching up in size with her sisters and is shy but wants to do what her grey bold sister does. Yesterday was the first time they voluntarily considered my lap as a nice place to hang out.