pen at work…


Over the past decade this blog has seen my writing wax and wane, changed homes, changed formats, and changed names. I’m trying to carve more time to write into my day and I know public accountability and awareness will go far in helping me focus on that time. In that time I’ve expanded beyond this space and you can find my scribbles in a few other places now.

Over at PennyWise Consulting, LLC, I focus on the technology my clients use. That shifts a little as my clients change, but at the moment there’s quite a bit of WordPress. I am starting to write more about the process of how I work and all the tools and tips I use. Monthly I write for The Patterned Blog, where I offer tech advice for creative types in a series called Ask Penny.

little acorn creations now sees more of the making posts that used to appear here. Right now I’m in the middle of writing about resources for knit, crochet, spinning, and even more making. In the future I plan to show how to incorporate more making into your life with simple steps.

Both businesses have monthly email newsletters, in theory. A year ago I cut back drastically on what I subscribed to and felt too much guilt to actually send mine out and add to your overfull inbox. So I’ve not sent a newsletter for either business in about a year. Oops. Bad business-owner! I recently came to my senses and know that if you don’t want it in your email you’ll either not subscribe in the first place or unsubscribe when you get the next one and that’s ok. If you would like to see what they’re about, you can sign up at the following links for PennyWise Consulting and/or little acorn creations. I plan to release this month’s soon (the month is half over). As an additional incentive for little acorn creations, there will be discount coupons to items in my shop.

In this space I’ll continue to write weekly about the things that catch my interest. I have piles of books to review, more recipes to write up and comment on, some NYC metro area hikes to summarize, notebooks and other stationary to discover, and more. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to post cat photos, Buddy’s been super cute this week.

Please let me know, what would you like to read?