As this post goes live, Cookie is on her way to the New Rochelle Humane Society to be spayed and to remain and await her forever family.


She arrived here almost three months ago (on 22 May) with five very tiny wiggly kittens. From the moment I first opened the carrier, she was friendly.


Since that day Cookie has continued to be kind, gentle, and a quiet and a considerate work companion. She was a good mama to her kittens. She met my neighbor’s children (age 5 and 8) and allowed them to pet both her and her kittens (age 2 months). I think she will be happiest in a home where there aren’t cat doors (she hasn’t figured ours out) but is still open and allows her to explore and discover the best napping spots.

She is very respectful of work and will step around laptops and keyboards, she loves spending time in my home office. Cookie isn’t (yet) a cuddly lap cat, but she does like to stop by every so often for a chin scritch and then return to her own meditations (and a nap). She has become friendly with Shadow and Buddy but they aren’t best friends.

I’ll miss her calming presence on my desk and I hope to learn soon from the New Rochelle Humane Society that she is adopted. Next week is Black Cat Appreciation Week at NRHS. Please, consider adopting a black cat. They are sweet, loving, and kind pets and will definitely challenge your photography skills!