a house full of kitten love

Last Friday afternoon we went to New Rochelle Humane Society to meet our newest foster kittens. They are both new to solid foods and need to learn how to be Big Cats.

Meet Sparky Tyson.

He’s a bottle boy who needs to eat more food and drink less KMR (kitten milk replacement). He’s working on it and is going to be a very big boy one day. He’s super active (which is why there aren’t many photos of him, they’re almost all blurry) and loves it when we go on field trips from the kitten room and explore the library and sun room and he has more space to run around.

Meet Grace.

She’s young to be all alone in the big scary world, but too big to go with most of the bottle babies. She knows how to eat solids and the hope of placing her with Sparky is that she’ll teach him how to eat. Yes, there are many more photos of her. She’s very polite and her markings are stunning.

Grace gave us a scare Sunday night and didn’t eat or drink much and had tummy troubles. The next morning we whisked her to NRHS to make sure she wasn’t ill and they ran some tests and gave her some extra fluids.

I wonder what secret Sparky is telling Grace?
Now she’s feeling much better, is quite happy, and enjoys running around and teaching her brother how to eat real food. They love to share sibling secrets.

Shadow, Buddy, and Cookie are still working on coexisting peacefully. We’re mostly past the hissing and the yuck-a-GIRL-touched-my-food-now-I-don’t-want-to-eat-from-that-bowl-EVER-again stage. She hasn’t figured out how cat doors work (despite moaning and begging and trying all last night) so the boys still have a girl-free refuge in the bedroom. It’s August, so there’s lots of extra napping.

Looking for ways to help a local humane society (or help mine)? Here is a great list of 25 creative ways you can help. New Rochelle Humane Society also has a page of many different donation options, including a PDF of their wish list. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!