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Right. It’s August, time of the tempting new academic planners. How’s my planner system holding up?

(Are you a new reader? Please read this year’s 2014 planner introduction post & the end of February update).

Honestly? I want a change. It’s hot and humid. I don’t want to carry anything, but I want to have everything I need without looking around for it. Lately, when I’m working on a specific task, I take that notebook out of the flex system. Therefore, notebooks are scattered throughout the house and I’m constantly looking for them. I was really frustrated a few weeks ago and ended up creating a franken-flex-circa notebook as I worked on trying to figure out what was bothering me the most.

While I love the trinote, the filofax flex, the various notebooks, and my tablet … the system really doesn’t play well together. I’m not sure I have an answer, but I do know that combining some of the books will help me out.

So I started putting together my own notebook consisting of a weekly calendar, planner, and note taking space. I’m printing only a few weeks at a go and editing the format as I work with it and discover more efficient ways to lay out each page. I suspect when it’s ready I’ll print out 16 weeks as a notebook.

The calendar view is based on the filofax flex and includes repetitive tasks. I hope to learn how to program inDesign and auto-generate the entire year and also pull-in birthdays, jewish holidays, and candle lighting times. I look forward to the next iteration that will include my latest edits.


The planning pages are based on a teacher’s plan-book. It’s a format I keep returning to and helps me see quickly how projects/tasks are balanced and what I’m procrastinating working on.


I also have my eye on the Quo Vadis Visual planner and am trying to work a monthly planning calendar into my format.

How is your planning system holding up?

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  1. I’m still happy with my bullet journal! I do use my google calendar, but I don’t depend on it…anything I put in there goes in the bullet journal during my every-few-days assessment.

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