The house is quiet this morning. Earlier in the week, Cookie’s kittens returned to New Rochelle Humane Society and we attempted to introduce her to new kittens. She was a good mum to her kits, so we hoped she’d take care of these orphans. She would nurse them if we put the kittens on her, but otherwise wasn’t taking interest in their well being. I now have a little bit of bottle feeding experience and the kittens were returned to the care of NRHS the next morning.

Right now, it’s just Shadow and Buddy and our guest Cookie in the house. While the basement is her domain and she’s yet not sure about the boys (and they’re not sure about her), she’ll stay on with us until it’s time for her spaying appointment. Then she’ll be ready to find her forever family. I look forward to her finding the best home. She deserves it.

Last night everyone relished the quiet and calm.