mid-year musings

Wow, it’s July already? I’m thankful the snow is gone, but I’ll now complain about the humidity and poison ivy1. Today I’ll provide a brief overview of where things stand for various year-long pursuits. Over the next few weeks I’ll look deeper into each project.

My participation in the #yearofmaking project is going strong and I’m trying hard to show a variety of making though I often fail in that regard. It’s been good to take a moment to think about all that I make throughout the day. Even if it’s just another row on a knitting project. I’m not doing that great with adding to the flickr album (they keep changing the interface) so I suggest following my instagram account.

2014-07-03-ROOTprogressI’m not doing as well as I’d hoped with my ROOT reading, even though I’ve purchased quite a few books since January! I’ve read only 42 books so far this year, and of those 42 only 17 are ROOT books, though there were also 11 rereads that don’t count with the 42 completed to-date. There are several upcoming library sales this summer, so I might toe the line as to qualifying ROOT titles. I owe a large pile of book reviews and am working on catching up.

2014-06-30-weeklyplanningHow is the planner system holding up? Overall it’s doing well, though I’m already thinking ahead to 2015 as the flex line was discontinued. I’m researching A5 planner books and have a few ideas though.

Do you have a favourite? Please let me know.

I’ve been posting a few of my morning planning sessions under the tag #dailyplanning and the weekly review and inbox zero as, surprise #weeklyreview. We’ll see where these two tags lead…

1. It’s back. On my hands, between my fingers, and… on my face. :(

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